To Screen or Not To

Window Screens: Good or Bad?

A very simple tip to improve your view, extend the longevity of your clean windows as well as protect your beloved glass in the windows that give you the view you cherish.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Window Screens

Window screens. It's almost as if they have this manufacturer given right to belong. If you have a window... it must have a screen. And heaven forbid that anyone might pull the screen and store it somewhere. Over the many years of cleaning windows our experience has revealed ways to get the most out of your view. What we do with window screens are one part of the remedy to the best view.

So, what is the good? Window screens have really only one redeeming purpose. To keep the bugs out. Although it must be added... This is of course only if you open your windows or leave them open. We know many homeowners who have in some cases many windows they never open. Some of them with great views. That's about it for the good.

The Bad. There is much to tell here. To begin aluminum screens bring oxidation issues to your windows. Aluminum screens will get a white powdery substance on it. This is oxidized aluminum. If you leave your screens on all year, this oxidation will transfer, through rain and wind onto your windows. The result often requires specialized cleaning to remove it. Sometimes even an acid washing to clear the window again.

 Secondly, screens catch dust and dirt from the wind. The rain comes and washes this dirt onto your precious glass which gives you the view that you paid for when you bought the house or windows.

The Ugly. Screens also naturally obstruct the view. Take the screen out of your window and take a look at the view. Screens simply don't look good. They are not designed for a good view. They are purely a functional part of your window.

So What Is The Cleaning Tip?

The simplest tip is to remove the screens and store the screens that you do not use. We have recommended this to many homeowners and they have been very appreciative after doing that and seeing the results of something so simple. A better view and your windows stay cleaner longer.

Regarding the windows that you open, you probably need to keep the screens in place. Regular maintenance of the windows and screens will prevent costly glass restoration. Your windows will stay cleaner if you wash the screens with a proper cleanser for the job.

Clean AND Clear Windows At Last

We always find it a shame to clean windows and then have to return the screen to it's place. When the above tips are followed the results are most certainly more satisfying. Either there is no screen to cloud that clean windows view or at least with it properly maintained it is as good as it can be. 

Happy Window Maintenance!

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