See how we clean your window tracks

We use a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner and track brush to get the fine dust and heavy dirt out of the tracks keeping the dirt out of your home.

solar panels

We use a water purification system to clean your solar array and an approved solar panel cleanser which complies with all solar panel warranties. It contains NO phosphates, ammonia or any other harmful ingredients. It is an Earth Friendly Technology certified product, 100% biodegradable that meets or exceeds most LEED qualifications for non-hazardous worksites. This video displays the results we get combining the pure water fed pole system with a safe cleanser thereby restoring your panels photovoltaic efficiency.

pure water window washing technology

As you can see in the video below our outside washing technique is great for giving your windows a complete clean. This methods gently rinses away dust and dirt by using H2O. Our DI tank removes the minerals from the water allowing your windows to dry sparkly clean.

see a little history of our small family run company